This event is about empowering businesses in Wrexham and North Wales with new employees who are autistic. We are going to be discussing employment, careers, and life-changing opportunities; we will talk about businesses that are already benefiting from the autistic talent pool and identify support businesses can access to help break down barriers and alleviate fears. It’s time to start seeing the ability, not the disability.

There is a huge potential in the 700,000+ people in the UK who are on the autism spectrum, however, only 16% of autistic adults are estimated to be in full-time paid work, according to the National Autistic Society. Specialists such as Dr. Devon MacEachron and author Steve Silberman, say that many neurodivergent people if given the right help, could find employment and develop successful careers.

It’s time to match this potential talent for the jobs and employment opportunities where characteristics such as attention to detail, adherence to patterns, the ability to repeat tasks and loyalty are prized; our digital age has created both an ideal workplace and can now offer jobs using technology, and other industries or sectors for this highly-talented group.

A number of organisations have partnered with us putting on this event including The Wrexham Enterprise Hub, AVOW and Business Wales are advocating their positive support for both this event and people with autism in the workplace.


We’re on the road to making a difference - we’re calling on you all to help make that difference and to empower the people who are more capable because they’re on the autism spectrum.

Who should attend?

  • Business people and professionals, especially Directors, Chairpersons, and CEOs.

  • People who have autism, ADHD, etc. - especially people embarking on their career.

  • HR Directors and professionals who are interested in expanding their diversity strategy and talent pool.

  • Clinical professionals - those who work with children and young adults with high functioning autism.

  • Employees, business owners who may have autism themselves.

  • Anyone who has an interest, network or experience that can help make a difference for people with autism to gain employment.


The closest parking facilities: 

Multistory Car Park at the Venue

Waterworld - LL13 8BG

Glyndwr University - LL11 2AW - Free